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“Curare con cura” Programma educativo alternativo


“Curating with Care”

Alternative Educational Program

September – December 2023 Tirana

The first edition of “Curating with Care” promoted and supported by Istituto Italiano di Cultura in Tirana, is an alternative educational program initiated and developed by Tirana Art Lab – Center for Contemporary Art. The first edition of the program is curated in partnership with Spazio Taverna Rome.

The program was created as a response to the need for additional educational opportunities for young local culture workers in the field of exhibition making from a local perspective. Exhibition making and curating have become vital parts of culture production and the curator a key position for an effective and qualitative cultural production. Since the late 1960s, curating has evolved into a practice with a considerably extended effect and influence in the art world and beyond. Today’s curating is no longer solely focused on art display, but it has become an expansive category that includes exhibition making, commissioning of art works, editing, and discursive production. The figure of the independent curator has gained power and authority, especially in the last three decades, becoming an influential player in the art world.Taking into consideration that there are currently no opportunities to study curating in Albania and the surrounding region, we see this program as a necessary investment.

“Curating with Care” is a program that reflects on curating, taking into consideration the developments and conditions of art production in Albania and the Southeastern Europe region. Its primary goal is to offer knowledge and practical information to culture workers, equipping them to challenge and bring new perspectives to the local and international art scene. Additionally, the program aims to create a connection with international discourses about contemporary curatorial practices, particularly new strategies and modes of curating that aim to offer meaningful, sustainable, and relevant approaches in curatorial practices.

The program is structured into several block seminars that are distributed throughout three months. The seminars aim to provide participants with both theoretical and practical knowledge in exhibition making and curating. Additionally, one month is dedicated to the development and realization of two curatorial projects by the participants. The program mostly takes place on weekends.

The program consists of block seminars led by Albanian and Italian curators, institution runners, and art historians. The seminars focus on the following areas:

History and strategies of curating; Site-specific curating; Stages of curating; Meaning of curating; Complexity and contamination in curating; Practicing curating; The frontiers of curating.

Program Dates and Speakers