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ARCHEOVISION - European Archeological Film Festival 1st Edition 16-30 June 2021 / Fare Cinema



ARCHEOVISION - European Archeological Film Festival 1st Edition 16-30 June 2021 / Fare Cinema

EUNIC Cluster Tirana Project 2021 Archeovision - Back to the future focuses on archaeological heritage. It aims, in the context of post-earthquake reconstruction as well as the pandemic consequences in terms of physical access to sites:

(a) to give access to cultural events related to the sites and history as well as to explain the work of archaeological missions,

(b) to enhance virtual access to this heritage to Albanians as well as foreigners;

(c) to address educational and economic aspects (digital innovation, tourism).

In this framework, the Cluster decided to divide the project in two parts in two different seasons: in summer - as an open-air event – an Archaeological Film Festival with films and documentaries by the best European producers, while in autumn the development of a digital offer for virtual visits of archaeological sites will be explored.

The Archeo Film Festival is a very first time for Albania, and the EUNIC cluster is proud to be able to screen 13 movies (with Albanian subtitles) from 8 different countries: Albania, Bulgaria, Cech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Italy and Spain. The directors and their camera will bring us to the most famous or not yet well-known sites of Europe, they will show the beauty of the finds and tell their hidden and mysterious stories. But they will also show the great relevance of the preservation of our cultures and heritage to strength similarities and differences.

Some of the movies will have the very special setting of the best archaeological sites in Albania: the Amphitheatres of Dürres and Apollonia.

Download: Screening Schedule


Data: Da Mer 16 Giu 2021 a Mer 30 Giu 2021

Orario: Dalle 08:30 alle 23:30

Organizzato da : IIC Tirana, EU Delegation, Amb. Francia, Germania,

Ingresso : Libero


Tirana - Durres - Apolloni